Freelance proofreading, editing, and writing

When the message is important…

the words need to flow.

A proofreader

  • Corrects errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation
  • Ensures consistency in capitalization, formatting, numbering, and use of abbreviations
  • Ensures that the document follows a specified style guide or style sheet
  • Comments if a word or phrase is used incorrectly for the context

An editor…

  • Gives feedback to author regarding content and organization
  • Restructures, reduces, or clarifies text
  • Ensures that the text flows smoothly between sections
  • Ensures that the writing style and vocabulary are suitable for the audience

A writer…

  • Creates documents from scratch to meet the client’s needs
  • Works with the client to decide the most important ideas to communicate
  • Collects content information by interviewing the client and doing research
  • Chooses the best way to present the content to produce the desired results

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