Scripts for Announcers and Narrators

The Secrets of McDougal’s Cave
Announcer’s introduction of musical selection at concert (1:45)

Probably the most famous cave in American literature is McDougal’s Cave, which appears in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Located just south of Hannibal, Missouri, this two-mile-long cave has a unique history.

The cave was first discovered in the winter of 1819. In the 1830’s the family of Samuel Clemens moved to the area, and young Samuel made many secret visits to the cave. Clemens, better known by his pen name Mark Twain, sometimes took bats home from the cave to scare his mother, and he stated that the Injun Joe character in his book was a real person who often visited the cave.

In the 1840’s Dr. Joseph McDowell purchased the cave, put a door on the entrance, and locked it up. This behavior aroused curiosity among the townspeople. They discovered that the doctor was performing bizarre medical experiments in the cave, and there was such an outcry that he was forced to stop. During the Civil War, it was rumored that McDowell hid guns and ammunition in the cave to aid the Rebel forces. He died in 1868 and the cave was sold.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer was published in 1876. One of the key stories revolves around Becky Thatcher and Tom getting lost in the cave’s mazes. Legendary outlaw Jesse James must have read the book, for in September 1879 he used the cave as a temporary hideout following one of his bank robberies.

The book’s popularity made the cave so famous that within ten years a guide service was started. The tours were led by lantern until 1939, when electric lights were installed.

Ladies and gentlemen, we conclude tonight’s concert with “The Secrets of McDougal’s Cave.”

Narration in verse form (a la Dr. Seuss) - 5 segments
If grownups would pause and think back to their youth, 
I think they’d discover a most remarkable truth.
Few things give us more reasons to smile
Or teach us as much as the play of a child.
Things like creativity and why we should play fair,
And how we can increase our fun when we decide to share.
How bragging when you win will annoy all those around you,
And watching someone lose with grace the first time will astound you. (:26)
Of all the nations in the world,
My favorite by far
Is the i​ma​gination,
Where you choose just who you are.
The options are limitless
When you begin pretending.
There are no rules. There are no schools.
The fun is never-ending. (:15)
But sometimes when you’re riding high
And the fun has reached a summit,
A bully comes along
And your hopes at once do plummet. (:08)
But don’t let some old bully
Spoil your fun and wreck your day.
‘Cause you have something he does not--
A friend with whom to play. (:07)
From the moment we’re born till the moment we die,
Life is for living, so give it a try.
And if you would like the best kind of day,
Take a tip from a child: find a friend and go play. (:12)

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